Are you looking for a top-notch managed WordPress hosting?

WP Engine is exactly that. The leaders in managed WordPress hosting providers on the internet today. Below are 9 reasons for using WP Engine, and have been for 8+ years.

24/7 Customer Support

One of the main reasons I have been a long-time WP Engine customer is because of the 24/7 [AMAZING] customer support. The hosting platform is built for WordPress, so the staff is top-notch, WordPress ninjas.

If the support staff is unable to resolve your issue within the 24/7 live chat session, they’ll resolve it via their ticket system or escalate it to the necessary party within WP Engine.

Very friendly, knowledgable and highly technical WordPress experts.

As a customer of WP Engine over the past 8+ years, 100% of my issues have been resolved in a very timely manner, with high integrity.

Nowadays, customer support is a major deciding factor for many customers when choosing a company to manage their WordPress website(s). Hands down, a no-brainer decision for me when choosing a managed wordpress hosting provider.

Website Speed and Performance

This goes without saying, speed and performance are certainly one of the top priorities for WP Engine. It’s also one of the deciding factors for almost anybody when picking a managed WordPress hosting provider.

Heck…any hosting provider for that matter.

Speed matters. Learn how site speed really affects your business and how a 5-second delay could cost you millions per year.

Google has publicly stated that optimizing for speed is one of the most important things you can do right now and is a ranking factor.  

As you would expect, WP Engine does NOT disappoint in the website performance category. They feature a built-in CDN (Content Delivery Network) which drastically increases the speed of your site, all with the click of a button. And no, you won’t need to install a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache.

Oh, and hey, if your WordPress website is performing sluggish, just reach out to support and they’ll help you resolve your speed issues. 

Enhanced WordPress Security

One of the major gripes, prior to switching over to WP Engine, was the amount of spam, malware, and attacks my WordPress site was experiencing. Now, those were back in the days when purchasing an SSL certificate was hundreds of dollars per year. So maybe 2010’ish… 

Remember those days?

Installing a FREE Let’s Encrypt Certificate on your WordPress website is incredibly simple. They offer this for all your websites for 90 days. The best part, you can choose to auto-renew that certificate, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

WP Engine managed wordpress hosting SSL certificate free installation dashboard.
WP Engine SSL Certificate installation

With WP Engine, you are in safe hands. They actively block 2 million hacking attacks every single day. In addition to that, frequent vulnerability scans will be performed on your website to enhance it even more. Pretty amazing if you ask me. 

And the kicker…

If somehow, someway, your website does experience a vulnerability, WP Engine will fix your website for FREE. This service typically results in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to fix. 

I can vouge for WP Engine and say that my websites over the past 8 years have NEVER been exposed to a hack. 

[UPDATED] Just introduced in 2019, is their Global Edge Security, which can be added to any WP Engine plan. It can handle attacks up to 15x greater than the largest recorded attack. How’s that for enhanced security?

Daily Backups

Many hosting providers include backups in their package, but WP Engine goes a step further and includes automatic nightly backups of the staging environment as well as production. Leaving you with not a worry in the world…

…at least in regards to your WordPress website. 

The backup points are available via the User Portal. These backup points contain your environments database, themes, plugins, uploads, and core files (with a few exceptions). 

Make a huge, catastrophic mistake…no worries. Just click the Restore button inside your Backup dashboard and have your site reverted to the previous version in no time.

Need to manually create a backup? 

No sweat there either. Again, just head over to your Backup dashboard and click the “Back up now” button. These backups, depending on the size of your site, take minutes.

WP Engine back up dashboard showing the previous back up points. Easy 1-click restore button.
WP engine backup dashboard – easy 1-click restore

The backup points section shows you the last 40 backup points. If for some reason you need an older version, reach out to their amazing support team and typically, they have a history of the past 60 backup points. 

Enhanced Workflow – Multiple Environments

Probably one of the most used features I utilize is the multiple environments. As of this writing, the managed WordPress hosting package includes 3 environments for your workflow. 

Development – allows your team to develop and code the website in a completely separate, exclusive environment.

Staging – this environment is used for the development of your website. If you want to make changes to your website, but want to test it before it goes to production, you can do that with ease. Think of it as a sandbox (aka playground).

Production – this is the LIVE version of your website. As people visit your website from Google or Facebook, this is the version they’ll be viewing.

Inside your WordPress admin, you’ll find a WP Engine tab that allows you to transfer between environments in 1-click. From staging to production (to release new updates) or from production to staging to test out new plugins or features before the public sees it. 

View inside the WordPress admin where WP Engine provides a 1-click migration between LIVE and STAGING environments.
1-click migrations from live to staging environments (and vice versa)

Don’t want anybody to access your site while you’re in development? WP Engine managed WordPress hosting has your back! Simply use the Password Protected feature in your dashboard to block out any unwanted traffic. 

Password protection screen inside WP Engine managed WordPress hosting. Checking either the Production and/or the Legacy Staging options will block traffic and bots for your site. Good for a site that isn't ready for launch.
Password protection for Production & staging environments

35 Premium Studiopress Themes (over $2,000 value)

The managed WordPress hosting provider, WP Engine has recently partnered with StudioPress, a premium theme provider for WordPress. With over 30 FREE premium themes to choose from, this makes WP Engine a clear cut winner to select as your next managed hosting provider.

In order to have StudioPress themes on your WordPress website, you also need the Genesis Framework…which, oh wait, is free on any WP Engine plan (typically costs $60).   

If you don’t believe me, check out some of the amazing themes below.

NOTE: These Pro Theme Packages typically cost $130 apiece. You are getting them all for free, inside your WP Engine dashboard.

Revolution Pro

Essence Pro

Breakthrough Pro

Niche Pro

View the remaining 31 StudioPress Themes for WordPress.

EverCache Internet Technology

I’ll be honest with you here, the technicalities of this and how it works is beyond my brain functions at the present moment. But, in a nutshell, this proprietary front-end system allows you to make your website experience incredibly fast and ridiculously scalable

Whether it’s 10,000 pageviews in a day or in a few minutes, WP Engine and Evercache keep your site blazing for all of your visitors. 

This is only offered with WP Engine plans, no other managed WordPress hosting provider includes this in their plans.

Simple and Intuitive Interface

Finally…no confusing and ugly looking cPanel *sigh*

Another key feature of the managed WordPress hosting provider WP Engine is the simplicity in their user interface. It’s clean, slick, and uber-simple to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Managed WordPress Hosting provider, WP Engine's dashboard interface. Clean, slick, and uber-simple to navigate.
WP Engine main dashboard – super clean and intuitive

All of your installed sites are located on the Sites tab, at the top of the page. For me, I’m running a WordPress multi-site, on a single-environment. If you have multiple sites, you will see all the site names listed out individually, for easy access into each one. 

Once inside the site overview, you’ll see the sub-navigation items on your left, as seen below. 

WP Engine sub-navigation options once you click into your site overview.
WP Engine sub-navigation menu

Everything you need to transfer, setup, install, migrate, and maintain is provided on this overview page. 

Simple, clean, and very intuitive.

Multi-User Role Manager

Ever want to grant access to a developer, or team member without exploiting all the billing and technical details? 

WP Engine, the managed WordPress hosting of choice, makes this super simple to create, manage, and edit users. 

Below is a chart that explains all the user role capabilities. 

User roles and the permissions chart for WP Engine hosting.
WP Engine user roles

Final Thoughts About Using WP Engine

When it comes to choosing a provider to host your WordPress website, you get what you pay for. Although the pricing is noticeably different, the speed, performance and customer support are the best in the industry.

Over 120,000 customers in over 40 countries right now and they are just getting started.

Would I recommend WP Engine as my managed WordPress hosting provider?

Absolutely, without a doubt, 100%.

Grab this limited time special offer below for signing up!

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Managed WordPress Hosting FAQ

What is managed WordPress hosting?

In basic terms, managed WordPress hosting is a service where all aspects of running a WordPress website are managed by the hosting provider. Everything from security, speed, uptime, backups, updates, and the ability to scale.

Which managed WordPress host is the best?

Hands down, my #1 choice for managed WordPress hosting is WPEngine. They have the best customer support in the industry. It is built on the best platform for developing and hosting fast, reliable, and secure WordPress sites.

What is the fastest WordPress hosting?

WPEngine has been the best performing hosting provider in the past 15 years in the industry. Customers are seeing upwards of 40% or more performance improvements.

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