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5-Day TikTok Ads SHIP IT Challenge - Starting Soon!

How do you know if this 5 Day Challenge is right for you?

  • If you are tired of slow, unpredictable organic methods of marketing
  • If you want to reach tens of MILLIONS of people who are ready to pull out their wallets
  • If you are a DIY marketer and want to start running your own ads
  • If you want to save THOUSANDS per month to manage your own ad campaigns to have full control and transparency
  • If you have struggled to run ads on other platforms in the past profitably
  • If you can't afford to hire an expensive video agency to run your ads
  • If you are consciously open to learning how to launch you very first TikTok ad
  • If you are NOT tied to results, instead, enjoy the process of learning the most valuable marketing skill right now
  • If you ❤️ taking massive, imperfect action
  • If you are determined and have the confidence to learn something new and embrace the suck
  • If you can get past your fears of being uncomfortable in the unknown
  • If you can allow yourself to operate from an enthusiasm to win, instead of fear of loss

If you answered YES to ANY of those...

Then this is for YOU 🫵

The TikTok Ads "SHIP IT" 🚀 Challenge

Led by your coach Matt Steinman, this challenge is designed to help you LAUNCH your first TikTok ad in 5 surprisingly simple steps. 

How it works

This is NOT your typically challenge. You won't be sitting in from of your computer for hours on end, watching video after video, explaining to you all the things you COULD be doing. 

Instead, each lesson, or challenge "day" will be delivered via email with specific instructions on what you need to accomplish. After each lesson will be a checkpoint you must complete to move forward. There are 5 checkpoints.

You can choose to finish all 5 lessons in one sitting, or you can take as long as you want. Obviously, the quicker you launch, the more momentum you'll gain.

My challenge to YOU is to TAKE MASSIVE, IMPERFECT ACTION and complete each checkpoint given to you. This is not a challenge to launch a perfect ad.

It's to simply ship a shitty ad. 

Worried about wasting your money? 

Don't be.

I'll credit you the $20 it takes to ship your ad (not included in price). 

Schedule for the Challenge

STEP 1: 5 secrets to massive success: Biggest Belief Time-wasters and how to completely kill them once and for all...

STEP 2: Introduction to TikTok Ads: How to actually setup and manage your TikTok ads account in an efficient and profitable way...

STEP 3: Laser Targeting Formula: Simple Tech setup to help pinpoint your dream customer with laser targeting precision...

STEP 4: Crushing Creative and Copy Frameworks: Discover the Exact framework that compels your prospects to click your ads and become high-quality leads and buyers

STEP 5: High-Performance Campaign Secrets: The exact formula to make TikTok ads the most powerful engine in your business

Meet Your Coach

Matt Steinman

I've been teaching people about TikTok ads for just over a year now...and guess where EVERYONE gets stuck. 

Actually shipping the ad. 😳

Guess what happens AFTER they ship their first ad? 

"Everything gets easier and they're able to move quickly..."

Because it's ALL downhill from there...the momentum gained from just shipping the ad is astronomical.  

I'm about results. This challenge is not a comprehensive guide. 

You won't get all the things you COULD be doing. 

When's the last time you bought a workshop, masterclass, or info product and actually implemented what you learned?

That's why this challenge is designed around absolutely smashing the single biggest thing standing in your way... SHIPPING your first ad. 

Why isn't this a comprehensive training? 

Because that would be too much, too soon. 

You're guaranteed to feel overwhelmed and get nowhere. 

As a coach, that's not cool. 

"I want you shipping ads and seeing results FAST."

Hell, I'll even pay YOU to launch your first ad.

Click the button below and you'll be taken to the order form where you can claim this exclusive offer. It takes only minutes and your information is 100% secure.

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So what are you waiting for?