Did you know there are roughly 30 million small businesses in the United States alone? How many are utilizing automated marketing software to grow?

With crazy numbers like that, it’s no wonder digital marketers are always trying to get a leg up on their competition. As a small business owner, I’m always looking for a competitive edge, that’ll rank me one spot higher in the search engines, or decrease my cost per lead, or like most, generate more sales.

Owning a small business is not easy. It has an 80% failure rate within the first 18-months. 

So why should you care?

It’s late-2019, and the marketing landscape has changed. Long are the days of just having a website and hoping visitors submit a form, or pick up the phone and call you.

Are you kidding me? That is almost unheard of nowadays. Talk to a human being…

However, with a sound digital marketing strategy, the right tools, and the right automated marketing software, your small business could (and should) turn into a lead generating machine. 

Marketers survey that describes their marketing automation software integration strategy.
[source: Ascend2]

Nearly all (95%) of marketers surveyed describe their marketing automation integration strategy as successful to some extent at achieving primary objectives. Of those surveyed, 40% report that their strategy is very successful, or best-in-class, compared to competitors.

I’m sure you have read many articles before about “the best” digital marketing tools, how to launch a business with free tools, etc., etc. The fact is, you will most definitely need to budget a small about ($100 – $300) per month to automate your marketing efforts. 

In this post, I will outline the top 3 automated marketing software tools you should be using the rest of 2019 and into 2020. Most than likely, you are familiar with a few on this list.

Here’s why this list is different, though. I’ve been in the marketing trenches, skipped around from software to software, and finally found out what works best for my online business.

Yes, some software work well with your style of work, or how technically inclined you are, but the goal of this list is to keep it simple and make the most use out of the automated marketing software

Let’s get into the list so you can start gaining a competitive edge over your competitors. 

Hubspot – All-in-One Marketing Platform

Marketing automation software, Hubspot, is an all-in-one solution for the advanced marketer.
hubspot – all-in-one marketing platform

Hubspot’s all-in-one, automated marketing software, has all the bells and whistles you need to blow up your online business. 

But, for the smaller fish, utilizing their free CRM will save you a ton of time. This will allow you to start building your email list right away.


In addition to the CRM, they have a sales and marketing package that has all the bells and whistles you need for your business. Tools for your team that include;

  • Blogging – make it easy to optimize for search
  • Landing Pages – automatically change content based on who’s viewing your page
  • Email – create stunning email templates, personalize subject lines, run A/B tests
  • Marketing Automation – use a leads behavior to tailor content for them
  • Lead Management – use data to create hyper-targeted campaigns
  • Analytics – see what marketing efforts impact the bottom line
  • CMS – drag n’ drop website builder
  • Social Media – monitor, track, and schedule your social posts
  • SEO – measure real SEO ROI with integrated analytics
  • Calls-to-Action – design and measure performance of your clickthroughs
  • Ads – track ROI of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google

If you have a larger budget, the Hubspot platform could power your entire business, seriously.

Aweber – Email Automation Solutions

The top rated affiliate marketing email marketing solution.
Aweber – Affiliate friendly email marketing solution

For your small business to scale, you need automated marketing software for email. Again, the tides are changing, and the days of companies purchasing your solution upon the first or second visit is highly unlikely. 

Think about the last time you bought something. You probably read reviews, scoured the internet for other opinions, and spend days researching before you pulled the trigger. Sound right? 

That’s where email marketing comes into play. The ability to follow up with your leads is an absolute requirement in your marketing strategy.

There are hundreds of solutions to choose from, but I focus on ease of use and speed to implementation.

Aweber is one of the few email automation providers that allow for affiliate marketing links directly inside your emails. Other providers like GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, or Mailchimp do not play nice with affiliate marketers. Trust me; I’ve gone through suspensions myself. 

As a business owner, it’s imperative to find the right solution that fits your budget, especially if you are starting. Below is a pricing breakdown of Aweber; 

NOTE: If you opt for the marketing automation with Hubspot, you do not need Aweber.

ThriveThemes – Conversion Focused Themes / Plugins

The best conversion focused WordPress themes and plugins around. Snapshot of the home page.
thrivethemes – conversion-focused wordpress themes & Plugins

ThriveThemes is one of my favorite automated marketing software on the list. A super-powerful, conversion-focused wordpress theme and plugins. Yes, you will need a WordPress website, which I’ll cover in another post. 

Focusing on landing pages outside of your traditional website is a must to achieve online success. If landing pages are a new concept for you, I recommend you check out Thrive Architecture (plugin in the suite of tools). Inside you’ll find hundreds of templates to help get your site up in minutes. 

The main reason why I chose this as my third and final software to get started with your online business, is the abundance of tools. The value you receive from a Thrive Membership is barred none.  

In addition to the themes and plugins, the CEO and Founder, Shane Melaugh, is very resourceful in his pieces of training and blog posts. 

Below is a tour of the products;

  • Thrive Themes – conversion-focused WordPress themes
  • Thrive Leads – all-in-one email list building tool
  • Thrive Architect – fastest and most intuitive visual editor for WordPress
  • Landing Pages – instantly publish optin pages, sales pages, webinar registration pages, and countless others
  • Clever Widgets – show different content with advanced targeting rules
  • Headline Optimizer – A/B test your titles and show only highest performing
  • Thrive Ultimatum – increase conversions by adding countdown timers, scarcity campaigns and much more
  • Thrive Ovation – get persuasive testimonials on autopilot
  • Thrive Quiz Builder – create fully customized quizzes
  • Thrive Comments – increase engagement through several innovative commenting features
  • Thrive Optimize – A/B testing tool for key landing pages

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Thrive is an incredible value for the price. For a fraction of what some of the other landing page builders charge, this is a no brainer for your WordPress website. 

COMING SOON – ThriveThemes 2.0 (I’m super stoked for this)


There are a plethora of other tools out there you will need once you start growing, but these three are the core of any online business. 

Once you start getting your business processes and workflows in place, that’s when the automated marketing software solutions can scale your business, extremely fast.

If you found these tools helpful, or need assistance with any of them, I’m offering free consultations through October, if you sign up for any of them through my links. 

I look forward to working with you. 

To your success,


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