Selecting the right WordPress popup plugin can be a daunting task. With several hundred to choose from, you could spend the next couple weeks scouring the internet, trying to find the one that’s right for you. 

Since you’ve been searching for that perfect wordpress popup plugin, you understand the importance of grabbing your visitor’s emails before they leave your site, right?

That’s the reason for having a popup plugin. 

In this post, I’ll be showing you the only wordpress popup plugin you should be using, and the advanced features you can utilize to grow your subscriber’s list in record time. 

9 Types of WordPress Popup Plugin In One

Let’s first go over the types of popups that this plugin, Thrive Leads, offers. This plugin is one of the most comprehensive and cutting edge plugins you can get on the market today. Yes, this site you’re on right now is using a couple of different types of it. 

Worpress popup plugin options in Thrive Leads. 9 different options to choose from.
9 Types of popups to choose from

1 – In Content Form

This popup option enables you to show after a certain number of paragraphs on your page. For example, if you want to show it after your visitor reads the first three paragraphs, the popup will be inserted into the page. 

In content form Thrive Leads plugin example.
In content form

2 – Lightbox Overlay

A popular option for many WordPress users. This popup is attention-grabbing and overlays a portion of your website. 

Lightbox overlay Thrive Leads WordPress popup plugin example.
Lightbox Overlay

3 – Post Footer

This type places the popup at the end of pages or posts. Excellent for a call to action after reading an article or a visitor decides to scroll to the bottom without reading. 

Post footer Thrive Leads plugin example.
Post Footer popup

4 – Ribbon

This popup appears as a static bar across the top or bottom of your screen. As the user scrolls, it will prominently display in the selected location. 

Ribbon Thrive Leads plugin example.

5 – Screen Filler Lightbox

Very similar to the lightbox, but this overlays the entire screen. The visitor has no other option than to hit the X to close it. 

Screen filler lightbox wordpress popup plugin example.
Screen filler lightbox popup

6 – Scroll Mat

This popup scrolls in on page load and overlays the entire screen. 

Scroll mat wordpress popup plugin example.

7 – Slide-In

A very popular wordpress popup plugin option that slides in from different corners of the screen. You have probably seen this on several sites that offer a free download in exchanged for an email address.

Slide-in Thrive Leads popup example.

8 – Widget

If you are familiar with WordPress, the widget area is located in the right column of posts. This area if very customizable and allows for a popup with this one plugin. 

Widget wordpress popup plugin example.
Widget popup

9 – PHP Code

The last option is a little more advanced, and for that reason will not be covered in this post, but know you have the opportunity. 

Design & Deploy with Zero Design Skills

The most significant advantage that this wordpress popup plugin offers over the others is the extensive library of professionally designed templates you can use.

The templates are designed with one goal in mind: make the visitor click the button. Customization is simple with the drag n’ drop editor that will allow you to create the perfect design every time. 

Make Relevant, Targeted Offers

The targeting feature of this WordPress popup plugin allows you to show opt-in offers that are relevant to the content your visitor is reading. 

Imagine reading an article about selling on eBay, and then all the sudden be shown a popup on dog training. 

It doesn’t make much sense. 

Making targeted offers allows you, as the website owner, to create segmented lists from these targeted offers. 

Thrive Leads, the most accurate WordPress popup plugin on the market.  

A/B Testing to 10X Your Subscribers

The power of A/B testing is vital today. You want to always be testing different elements on your website. Popups are no different. 

Having the ability to A/B test which popup type converts the best is a great advantage to have over your competitors. 

The Thrive Leads WordPress popup plugin does exactly that, only on steroids. 

Powerful Reporting to Find the Best Traffic

What gets measured gets improved. You’ve probably heard that before. Popups are no different. With the extensive reporting suite inside Thrive Leads, you’ll know exactly how many visitors became subscribers, what page or post they opted in on, and what source is giving you the most leads. 

Start using smart analytics today to understand your visitor’s behavior truly. 

Some Additional WordPress Popup Plugin Features

  • SmartLinks
  • Exit Intent & SmartExit
  • Advanced Trigger Options
  • Animations

As every marketer around knows, “the money is in the list.”

92,000+ Enthusiastic Users Can’t Be Wrong…

Thrive Leads delivers, over and over again.

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