The brilliant marketing minds have perfected a high ticket sales strategy that is like printing money.

You are exposed to this strategy every day, probably without conscious thought as to what you’re experiencing.

In the simplest of examples, think of Apple (the company…not the food).

Most of us were exposed to the Apple brand back in 2001 when they launched a device that could hold 1,000 songs and play for hours. Of course, the iPod, which sadly enough, is no longer with us.

Let’s not also forget the iMac launch in 1998 (sorry iMac), but the iPod was the beginning of the mainstream Apple media frenzy.

Customers flocked to purchase the iPod. Many forking over their hard-earned money to have a device that would replace all other media devices.

People bought into the brand. They wanted to “Think Differently.”

Apple, Think Different photo with Steve Jobs.

Now fast forward to today, Apple has brought you along a journey of experiences and purchasing all their products.

From the MacBook’s to the high ticket sales MacBook Pro’s, from the very first iPhone to now, the iPhone 11 Pro. The iPads, Apple Watch, HomePods, etc, etc.

To the continuity programs, like Apple TV and streaming music.

Every new product or service Apple comes out with, we feel the need to purchase.

Why is that?

Because of the value of the products we as consumers receive from it.

Once we get to know, like, and trust a brand, we are compelled to continue purchasing their products, even if they sell high ticket items, to the tune of $100,000 (not sure Apple does this….yet).

For The Business You Want and the High Ticket Sales You Deserve

This strategy is applicable to any business, whether you own an eCommerce store (online) or a brick n’ mortar (offline) in your local town.

How do you get people in the door, or emotionally encourage them to make a purchase?

Typically, it’s with a low ticket or heavily discounted item. This usually gets the customer in the door, right? Exactly what we want to happen. Provide value that far exceeds the expectations of the customer, like what Apple did with the iPod.

So now that the ‘buyer’ is in our ecosystem, we continue to provide value to them, beyond their wildest expectations, right? Nurture them and they will continue to come back, to eventually high ticket sales.

This could be through email campaigns, social media, or videos that solve one of their problems. Once they purchase from you or download your free eBook (whatever it may be), they WILL have follow up problems. It’s just the nature of business.

Your goal as an entrepreneur is to provide solutions to the problems that arise along with their journey. If you can solve their problems along the way, you will have great success.

Here’s the strategy, or model, that you must adopt in your business in order to generate high ticket sales. Maybe you figured it out with the Apple example above, but the goal is to ascend your customers through your products and services as the price increases.

Enter, the Value Ladder.

Exactly as it sounds. As you climb the ladder or take the next step, the value and price increase. Let’s look at the graph below that shows exactly that.

Value ladder that includes high ticket sales.

One of my favorite value ladders, and where I learned the concept, is from Clickfunnels. A company led by the 39-year old, Russell Brunson. He is actually one of the brilliant marketing minds I was referring to in my opening sentence.

In his book, Dotcom Secrets, he reveals the components to create your own successful value ladder.

Anyways, below is how the Clickfunnels value ladder looks.

  1. Free + Shipping Book ($7.95)
  2. One Funnel Away Challenge ($100)
  3. Clickfunnels Continuity ($97 and $297)
  4. Two Comma Club Coaching ($25,000)
  5. Inner Circle ($50,000)

Could you imagine if Clickfunnels only sold the book and/or subscription? They wouldn’t nearly be the company they are today.

Sticking in the digital marketing space, another company that has an incredible value ladder, that also sells high ticket items is Legendary Marketer.

The founder and CEO, David Sharpe (my mentor) provides incredible value every step of the way. With over 10 different products, from free to $30,000, he has sold over $250 million online.

His frontend offer (which isn’t shown below) is a 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge that is less than a mocha frappuccino from Starbucks!

Are you starting to see the value in these value ladders? (see what I did there) 🙂

Again, it doesn’t matter what type of business you are in, your value ladder must ascend leads into customers and eventually sell high ticket items to them. That’s the strategy you need to be wildly successful.

Have questions? Leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

To your success,


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