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Growing List of Blogs that Inspire and Stir Creativity: Inspiration for Your Own Blog

Creator: Matt  |  Blogging  |  Jun 112024

I love discovering new stuff, but let me warn you. When clicking through links on this page, sometimes companies offer affiliate compensation to me if you decide to purchase their paid plans - so make sure it's worth the click by reading our privacy policy first :)

Check out 15 blogs that inspire and stir creativity-from cooking to fashion to travel, these bloggers are sure to get your wheels turning.

Not only will you be inspired by their work, but you'll also get some great ideas for your own blog!

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Food52 Blog Website

Food52 is the best blog for recipes, cooking tips, and foodie inspiration. It was created by Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs in 2008.

What began as a blog-a place where they could share their favorite recipes with friends-has evolved into an online community that now includes over 16 million readers around the world.

They create everything from quick dinners to elaborate desserts; savory breakfasts to sweet indulgences; simple salads to stunningly elegant dinner parties...all with accessible ingredients, clear instructions, and beautiful photos.

The blog also features videos of dishes being made, so you can actually watch them cook! There are even seasonal menus organized by what's in season at this very moment! 

Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty Blog

Style Me Pretty is a blog that features the best wedding inspiration.

It was founded by Brian and Stephanie in 2004, and has grown into an extremely popular blog with over 10 million pageviews per month!

On Style Me Pretty, you'll find everything from ethereal images of weddings in the forest to glamorous affairs at iconic New York City venues. You'll also get beautiful inspiration for your own blog. 

This blog is one to bookmark!

Stray Curls

Stray Curls Blog

Stray Curls teaches young, creative women how to start a blog, gain blog traffic and make money blogging - creatively and effectively!

This blog was created by Angela Mary Vaz, a 28-year-old, Illustrator and Blogger living in Bangalore, India with her 2 creamy and puffy Labradors.

She love to create and make people laugh. She has built 2 successful creative, online businesses from scratch and she want to teach bright, young women how to build blogs and online businesses that grow fast!

This blog is for women who are looking for tips on starting a blog, growing traffic, making money online and being productive!

Jordan Prindle Design Blog Website

Jordan Pringle has helped countless women level-up their business, for free, with educational resources and tools.

This blog is a gold mine filled with step-by-step tutorials and how-to posts for creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, and designers. Jordan share new posts each week, all geared toward helping you design, strategize and brand your business in a thoughtful way.

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