With the right offer, using LinkedIn for affiliate marketing could be the sexiest thing since Justin Timberlake "bringing sexy back".

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Ok...I might have taken it too far.

Let's real ourselves back in (especially you ladies).

Right now, over 3,000,000 people are seeking employment on LinkedIn.

With over 575 million users and more than 260 million active monthly users, it's an untapped gold mine for affiliate marketers.

You can generate high-quality leads for your online business in minutes...if you know how to reach the right people.

Fortunately for you, I'm going to be going over a straightforward method today to teach you how to generate those leads.

The Soup to Nuts Method

Let's get started on getting free targeted traffic on LinkedIn and how to turn those leads into buyers for your affiliate offer.

The first thing we have to do as in any business to start making money is we have to get some products to sell.

Now the most straightforward way I sell products is what's called affiliate marketing.

For those of you who don't know what it is, it's when you are selling other people's products on a commission-only basis.

So basically, you get a unique link to promote it, and that's it. You post a link on social media.

For this example, we are going to be using the Legendary Marketer affiliate program (one of the best). It's run by David Sharpe, who has gone from working a dead-end job in construction to earning over $250 million in a short time.

David Sharpe

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Legendary offers a 15-day online business challenge where you learn, step-by-step how to sell high-ticket products, without lifting a finger.

The cost is less than a frappe latte from Starbucks...and you get your very own business advisor (that you can talk too on the phone).

The low-cost of $7, compared to the value given, is a no brainer. Legendary also has backend products they sell for you that sell for as much as $30,000 (with a $10,000 commission).

Now for you to become an affiliate, you must first complete the 15-day challenge.

Trust me; it's all worth your tiny $7 investment.

Step 1: Once you have completed it, we are going to grab our affiliate link (steps highlighted down below):

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Backoffice

Step 2: Now I'm going to be using a link shortener, called Link Wizard.

LinkWizard URL Shortener
It's not as popular as some of the others like Bit.ly, but I like it because of the customization and tracking. You can also add your Facebook Pixel to the link and retarget your visitors (this is a little more advanced).

Step 3: Let's head on over to LinkedIn.

We are only going to focus on people who are seeking employment for this purpose.

Step 4: Go up to the top search bar and type in "seeking".

LinkedIn Search for Seeking
There are MILLIONS of people seeking employment, looking for a ton of different things to do.
LinkedIn 3 Million Search Results
We have the Legendary product that teaches people how to make money on the internet. It just seems like a perfect fit, right?

So here's what we do. I like to connect with individuals who have the terms "freelance" and "seeking" in their job titles. They have time on their hands to run through the 15-Day challenge.

I also hope they have the $7 to invest.

If you want to take it a step further, you can target terms such as "marketing," "web developer," or "graphic design."

These people already have an interest in the field, might have some experience, but might not be aware of the opportunity.

LinkedIn gives you the ability the "Connect" with people and you can send them a personalized message.

Step 4: You're going to copy and paste a simple message to your new connections, with a short introduction and a link to your affiliate offer, in this case, it's the Legendary 15-Day Business Challenge.

Here are a couple of things to include in the message:

  • Compelling subject line - "re your [business type/opportunity they are seeking]"
  • Address them by their first name
  • Show interest in their past - read through their profile and pick out something you connect with
  • Curiosity & open loops
  • Include your shortened affiliate link to the training (customize it if possible)
  • Have a closing salutation such as; To Your Success

I'm going to make this easy for you.

I've created an easy template you can use to reach out to these individuals.

I do suggest that you modify things, using your own words and personal touch.

So, we want to get this person to click on our affiliate links, and the second step is to get them to buy.

You'll want to make sure to replace your link with your new shortened URL that you created with LinkWizard so they can access your affiliate offer.

You'll notice the optional text down at the bottom of the message. If you want the connection to follow up with you to add a little more incentive, you can keep that text in there.

If you have a bonus, this is also a great spot to get them to take action in the next 24 hours.

Now the reason I put this up there is that I don't mind answering their questions if it's to eventually lead to a possible $10,000 commission down the road.

Simply because the value ladder at Legendary Marketer is one of the best, they will do the selling for you.

You can do this to as many posts as you want, across the entire LinkedIn population.

Look at the massive amounts of people looking for employment opportunities and put your offer in front of them. It's a mutually beneficial transaction.

It's that easy.

Go out and use this method and you can generate a lot of traffic and a lot of sales. 

Even if only a couple of people convert on your $7 offer per day. You know the potential for them to purchase the $2,500 in 5 days (after day 5 of the challenge) is pretty high.

Let's do a little math here.

If you get three people per day to join the challenge, that's 21 people per week.

3 per day X 7 days = 21 members

Now there is roughly a 5% conversion rate on the $2,500 offer. You receive $1,000 per sale.

That's $1,000 per week and $4,000 per month.

How would $4,000 per month change your life?

I want to see who's going to take this seriously and pummel their bank account with new commissions every single month.

Remember, the obstacle is the way, and LinkedIn has quality traffic from 260 million people around the globe.

So get on there and make it happen, get that traffic.

We're making money together.


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