In the ultimate Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp review, you’ll get a breakdown of each of the top-earners strategies to generate 5 and 6-figure months. 

If you had a blueprint for starting to earn enough affiliate commissions to quit your day job in the next 100 days, would you?Of if you could generate 5-figure per months to support your entire family?I know, 100 days does sound like a lot, but what if this set you up for the next 5-10 years (and beyond), earning a full-time income from affiliate marketing, would you sacrifice the next 100 days?If you don’t think you would, you can close this browser and go back to whatever you were doing. My question to you is, what do you have to lose?It’s FREE training!


Let me preface this by saying the 5-day training is a little intense, especially for a beginner who is just getting started with affiliate marketing. However, do NOT let that scare you. Does that mean you shouldn’t sign up for it? No! I accepted the NEW Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp training a couple of weeks ago, and while many others had mixed reviews, I had some BOMB takeaways that I’ve already started to implement. To write this full summary, I’m going through it once again (through another email address) to provide you with a day-by-day review of the videos and the key takeaways.

What Is the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp?

Clickfunnels just released their new and improved Bootcamp in late May (of 2019). The previous 100-day bootcamp was deemed outdated and no longer relevant. Although it was still a very effective strategy for many, much of the information was outdated.The new bootcamp is a summit-style setup, meaning it’s a 4-day drip series of video interviews from the top 15 super affiliates from Clickfunnels. Each of the super affiliates walks you through their exact plan, day 1 – 100. Most of the strategies are high level, meaning they don’t go day by day, with a written plan. That would honestly be some VERY long training and would probably lose the interest of many after day 3. Once you sign up for the summit, you’ll receive day 1 interviews 24 hours later, via email. So do not expect the jump right into the summit videos on day 1. The videos are locked each day and are ONLY available for 24 hours, so be vigilant of when you sign up. You do NOT want to sign up on a Thursday evening if you know the weekend is jam-packed with activities. Plan to take 1-3 hours each day watching the video interviews for that day, because they are ONLY available…

I REPEAT…ONLY available for 24 hours (they do get locked…it’s not some scarcity tactic).There is, however, a way to unlock the videos for unlimited viewing.You have to sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge to unlock the vault of videos for LIFETIME access. Also, you’ll receive the 186-page digital copy of all 15 speakers blueprint for FREE. Don’t also forget to grab a fresh notepad! You’ll be writing down value bombs throughout each of the interviews. So, plan your signup day accordingly.

TIP: Download the Video Speed Controller Chrome Extension to watch the videos 1.5x faster! 

Day 1 Interviews

Russell Brunson – Simple 5-Step Plan

Russell Brunson Video Explaining Affiliate Marketing BootcampRussell Brunson Video Explaining Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

The Simple 5-Step Plan to Turn an Affiliate “Hobby” Into a Full-Time Career

KEY TAKEAWAY: There are 15 video interviews, with 15 different methods to become an affiliate. Focus on ONE strategy that resonates with you and go all in. FAVORITE QUOTE:Treat this like a college education.” – Russell Brunson

One one the first points Russell makes is that this business is NOT for dabblers. Affiliate marketing can be a real full-time career if you have the right foundation.People are OK going to get a 4-year degree, but when they are asked to dedicate the next 100 days to ONE thing, they have difficulty doing so. It’s the mentality we have been surrounded by, and it’s time to break the mold. 

Russells 100 Day Affiliate Plan

If you want to have success, you have to niche down and define who you want to serve. The example Russell uses is Funnels. That is a red ocean that is just swimming with thousands and thousands of fish.

Step 1: Pick a Market (NOT in the Red Ocean)

Take that red ocean and define who exactly you want to serve using funnels. Is it network marketers, dentists, chiropractors? That will be your new blue ocean where you’ll start serving those customers. Segment yourself from everybody else and serve to the highest level.

Step 2: Bridge the Knowledge Gap with a Funnel

The goal with the funnel is to create an ‘ah-ha’ moment with your visitors. So if you are creating an offer for network marketers, you want to explain to them how funnels can be used in their business. Leverage the power of Share Funnels. You are basically handing over the funnel that you build to your customers. This is one of the most essential aspects of Clickfunnels. A done-for-you funnel that allows your customer to customize it to their brand.

Step 3: Email Follow Up Sequence

When you start driving paid ads to your sales funnel, your main objective is to collect their email address on the first page, right? It’s what you do with that email address afterward that will get you to your breakeven point, and everything after that is pure profit. The list that you get is the most valuable part of your business.There is a saying that for every person on your list, you will earn $1 per month. So if you have 10,000 people on your email list, you’ll generate ~$10,000 per month.

Step 4: Golden Sequence

This will determine where in your email follow up sequence your breakeven point is. It could email number 3, it could email number 7. Going forward, you know that if you spend $1,000 on ads per day, after X amount of days, you will be profitable. This is where the fun begins, and you can start scaling up.

Step 5: Regularly Communicate With Your List

Every week, you should be sending out emails with a ton of value to build that relationship. Emails can include any of the following:

  • New blog post
  • New podcast episode
  • Offer for another complementary product
  • An article that you found valuable

Russell Brunson Affiliate Bootcamp WhiteboardRussell Brunson Affiliate Bootcamp Whiteboard

Stephen Larson – Create an Irresistible Offer

Stephen Larsen Explains How to Target Clickfunnels UsersStephen Larsen Explains How to Target Clickfunnels Users

Create an Irresistible Offer That Makes It Nearly IMPOSSIBLE For Your Customers to Say “NO”.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Target Clickfunnels dream customers and help them bridge the knowledge gap in order to become a Clickfunnels customers (in turn earning you a commission). 

FAVORITE QUOTE: I let people vote with their wallets, not their mouths.” – Stephen Larsen

All good marketing starts with the who. In this example, Stephen focuses on people who are on the fence about buying Clickfunnels. They know about Clickfunnels and still have some lingering questions that have gone unanswered.

Clickfunnels Whiteboard of Bridging the GapClickfunnels Whiteboard of Bridging the Gap

The graphic above represents the bridge (knowledge gap) that I’m personally helping potential customers cross in order to be successful with Clickfunnels. You want to be able to answer those lingering questions they might have, that the Clickfunnels team is not able to answer. 

TIP: Get insanely clear on who your buyer is.

Once you know who your buyer is, you can start the process of creating your unique offer. This requires finding where your customers are hanging out online and searching for what issues they are having.

  • The biggest mistake you can make starting off is paying yourself after you start earning affiliate commissions. Yes, eventually you will need to pay yourself to make a living but this is a business. The first couple months you want to dump those profits back into paid traffic.  
  • Many people are link blasting all across social media. This is a sure fire way to KILL your chances of ever becoming a successful affiliate marketer. Consumers are looking for value.
  • Every product/service is a solution to a problem. That solution also involves additional problems. Creating your own unique offer that solves that follow up problems is the key to becoming a super affiliate. 
  • Create stories (using the epiphany bridge script on page 114 of Expert Secrets) around each one of the customers objections they have with your product. The goal here is to break their false belief patterns and guide them to the result they want to achieve.
  • Leverage the education of others. Reach out to influencers in your space and create a working relationship that helps both parties. 

Dave Gambril – Getting Buyers to Stay

Dave Gambril Affiliate Bootcamp PresentationDave Gambril Affiliate Bootcamp Presentation

the secret KEY to getting your buyers to stay with you month after month

KEY TAKEAWAY: Build a strong foundation that will almost guarantee you long term success. 

FAVORITE QUOTE:“In the eyes of a 2nd grader, a 5th grader is God ” – Dave Gambril

Clickfunnels Super Affiliate Dave Gambril TrainingClickfunnels Super Affiliate Dave Gambril Training

This is a slower start with a longer term approach.

It’s for the better, trust me! 

As I like to preach in my affiliate marketing space, think of it as a 5-year plan. There is no such thing as to make money quick. The ultimate goal is the Monthly Recurring Revenue. His target audience is people who do not have a ton of time during the week but are trying to start a side hustle to better their life. Vision – this is probably one of the most critical aspects of your affiliate marketing journey. WHY are you doing this? What is your long term goal? I like to ask myself “WHY” 7 times to figure out the real, heart-pounding reason you are starting the journey. It has to be strong enough to keep pulling you through the speed bumps that you will encounter. An excellent book on finding your WHY is by Simon Sinek, which is linked right below. 

Simon Sinek - Start With WhySimon Sinek - Start With Why

START WITH WHY shows that the leaders who’ve had the greatest influence in the world all think, act, and communicate the same way — and it’s the opposite of what everyone else does.

Strategy – building a community and finding where your tribe hangs out online. Is it Facebook, LinkedIn, or some other niche specific form where you can contribute. The sole focus is on using Clickfunnels. If you don’t already have an account, you need to start immersing yourself in it to allow you to be an effective coach for your affiliates. Recommended Read:“1000 True Fans” – by Kevin KellyYou want to position yourself as an expert. Do you have actually to be an expert?No.You just have to be one step ahead of the person who is asking the question. Join Facebook and LinkedIn Groups where you can start answering questions. Provide massive value in your answers, and you will begin to be looked at as a 5th grader. A great way to prime your audience is to ask the following questions:“What is your current biggest struggle with __________?”“What do you wish you knew when you started _________?”Team – it’s not about how it’s about the WHO.Starting out, this might not be readily available to you, mainly due to financial reasons. Sometimes if you reach out to your close-knit community or even your kids, they can use their online savvy to help you out. Tactics – Figure out what people are having problems with and find a Clickfunnels affiliate offer that solves the problem for them. For a lot of people, they don’t know how the platform can help them. Create multiple bridge pages that speak to different challenges that people might have. In Dave’s example, he uses the One Funnel Away Challenge and how he has 6 different landing pages setup, all with different videos answering specific needs in his communities. Telemetry – pay attention to your data and adjust accordingly.Dave also has a great strategy of creating a challenge for the groups he is targeting. He pulls them into a Private Facebook Group and helps them get started on their Clickfunnels journey. You can offer all your value, specifically to your close-knit tribe. The best part is that most of these people with help the others out, so it’s more of a hands-off approach from the perspective of the expert. Dave recommends getting at least 5 – 6 groups of 25-30 people. Get testimonials from your affiliates and use them on your bridge pages.

Rachel Pedersen – Power of Relationships

Clickfunnels Super Affiliate Rachel PedersenClickfunnels Super Affiliate Rachel Pedersen

using the power of relationships to find the RIGHT customers that you help

KEY TAKEAWAY: Demographics are used to divide, psychographics are the core values that drive people to make decisions. 

FAVORITE QUOTE: Don’t just email your list when you have an offer. It’s kind of like treating your email list as a booty call.” – Rachel PedersenFirst, build a Total Framework of who it is you are going to serve…A couple of examples of this:

  • Businesses who are transitioning online for the first time
  • Individuals who are on Etsy and want to take control of their business
  • A company who wants to leverage what their efforts do
  • A company who wants to drive product sales and aren’t doing so well with a traditional website
  • A company who wants to generate more leads

Demographics vs. PsychographicsDemographics are used to divide, psychographics are the core values that drive people to make decisions. Another primary driver is selling Clickfunnels is finding their pain points. Things that people stress about daily. They wake up thinking about these pain points. Those are the things we are trying to solve with Clickfunnels.

It’s like a rock in someones shoe…how do you solve that? Create an irresistible offer that helps them make their journey more accessible, faster, or more affordable. Build out your email list. These are people, not just leads. There are 2 good reasons why somebody on your email list doesn’t buy:

  1. Lead magnet or tripwire didn’t provide the results to make them raving fans.
  2. You don’t nurture your email list properly. 

Help that person have an ‘ah-ha’ moment that creates a significant shift in their beliefs. Give them an actionable solution…they will believe you.

Don’t just email your list when you have an offer. It’s kind of like treating your email list as a booty call. Take your prospects on a date. Step 1: who are the people and what is their pain point? Pick the one pain pointStep 2: what is the end results we want them to have, that gets them using Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels Super Affiliate Rachel Pedersen Affiliate Bootcamp PresentationClickfunnels Super Affiliate Rachel Pedersen Affiliate Bootcamp Presentation

You want to grab the juiciest part of the offer and create the lead magnet out of that. That way, it helps solve a little bit of the solution to what their problem is and helps build trust. It’s NEVER about the product, it’s about what the pain point is. 

Day 2 Interviews

Jim Edwards – Dominate Affiliate Leaderboards

Clickfunnels Super Affilaite Jim EdwardsClickfunnels Super Affilaite Jim Edwards

How to Dominate the Affiliate Leaderboard and Become the #1 Top-Producing Super Affiliate

KEY TAKEAWAY: Nobody knows they needs Clickfunnels. Go after niches that you personally know and provide them with the solution. 

FAVORITE QUOTE: “People don’t buy without a reason why.” – Jim Edwards

Jim goes over his 6-phase plan in this presentation that will help anybody starting from scratch. Many of the high-level phases of his plan seem to be a reoccurring theme throughout many of the affiliate bootcamp presentations.

This plan can be achieved whether you have a full-time 9-5 job, or you’re working on affiliate marketing for 8-10 hours per day.

1. Why sell Clickfunnels as an affiliate – one of the main reasons to sell Clickfunnels as an affiliate is because of their lucrative, monthly reoccurring commissions. It can be used across many different niches and industries.

2. Pick a niche – one of the most important aspects of being an affiliate is picking a niche. You canNOT just sell to anybody. Pick a niche that you have some past experience in, that you can intelligently talk about, and figure out how Clickfunnels can solve their MAJOR pains. 

Create a spreadsheet with two columns, as seen in my whiteboard sketch below. The first column is listing all the buyers/customers Problems, Questions, Roadblocks, and Results they want to achieve. In the right column, you will list how Clickfunnels solves them. This will be beneficial moving forward when you start interacting with them online. 

Jim Edwards WhiteboardJim Edwards Whiteboard

3. Create value – this could be a checklist, a step-by-step guide, a mini-course, a share funnel, etc. Your buyer wants easy, fast, and cheap.

4. Add consistent value – start answer questions on social media, wherever your niche audience hangs out. It could be Facebook Groups, forums, blogs, etc. Start adding value and leverage your profiles to drive traffic to profile.

5. Become an expert – Jim uses the “ask campaign” technique where you’ll prove your expertise. In exchange for the users to ask you a question, you will deliver a free master class on the topic of Clickfunnels.

TIME-SAVING TIP: When you answer questions in other groups online, repurpose your answer onto your own profile. If it’s Facebook, just repost your answer on your timeline. 

6. Relentless content marketing – always be adding daily, consistent value to your groups, so you become “well-known” in those groups. You will raise your profile awareness, and people will start flocking to you. 

Greg Jeffries – Process to Find Low-Competition Traffic

Clickfunnels Super Affiliate Greg JeffriesClickfunnels Super Affiliate Greg Jeffries

The simple process used to find pockets of low-cost, low competition traffic who are already actively searching for a solution

KEY TAKEAWAY: There is a very small number of affiliate marketers who are taking the time creating SEO related content. Greg teaches you to leverage that low competition and create a blog style website that focuses long-tail keywords that people are looking for solutions.   

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Your don’t really know the intent behind the search. They could be doing research and not in a buying mode.” – Greg Jeffries

I must say, this interview resonated with me the most. Mainly because of something Greg said in his presentation. Not many people who are in affiliate marketing are focusing on SEO. Combining those two skillsets can be very powerful, if done properly. 

Greg focuses solely on long-tail keywords. The reason behind this is to find people who are actively looking for a solution and are ready to buy. This will also yield a much higher conversion rate and more revenue in your business. 

Lets take the term “golf clubs” for example:

Golf Club Keyword Search in UbersuggestGolf Club Keyword Search in Ubersuggest

High Cost + High Competition for term “golf clubs”

Keyword Results of Mens Golf Clubs in UbersuggestKeyword Results of Mens Golf Clubs in Ubersuggest

Less SEO Difficulty for term “mens golf clubs”

Ubersuggest Keyword ResultsUbersuggest Keyword Results

Lowest SEO Difficulty for “taylor made golf clubs”

Looking closely at the results, you can see the more specific the keyword, the lower the “SEO Difficulty”. This will typically result in higher conversions because people know exactly what they are searching for and more than likely in buyer mode. 

TOOL TIP: Learn how to win the SEO game with the free tool Ubersuggest, from Neil Patel (a digital marketing ninja). 

Below is the main concept: 

Clickfunnels super affiliate Greg Jefferies Clickfunnels super affiliate Greg Jefferies

SEO is a skillset that you should learn to master if you want to crush the competition. Like I stated earlier, not many affiliate marketers are taking advantage of this mainly because ranking your website for keyword terms doesn’t happen over night. 

Remember, this is a long term game, with passive monthly revenue. 

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