There is a reason why affiliate marketing online success is rare. It’s an undeniable fact, and unfortunately, reality. 

It has nothing to do with how smart an individual is or their willingness to put in the work.

Anticipation and excitement peaks once the person realizes the income potential with affiliate marketing. 18-year-olds, making $8k/mo from videos on YouTube. 

Couples traveling around the world, while making passive income on autopilot.

Wouldn’t that be the life? 

We all want and desire this in our life, but most never achieve this level of affiliate marketing online success. 

Before you continue, I want to be honest and upfront, affiliate marketing is challenging in the beginning. 

However, I want to give you a head start, a little ‘shortcut’ to achieve success and learn from other’s failed experiments. 

Let’s jump into the 5 shortcuts to jumpstart your affiliate marketing career. 

Identify Online Platform(s)

More than likely, your competitors have some type of online presence, whether it be a blog, YouTube channel, or a massive collection of sales funnels set up to generate leads. Whatever it is, you need to identify what platform it is and consider setting up the same. 

The main reason for this is apparent; it works. Focus on what works and what your competitors already see success with. 

Of course, you do NOT want to copy exactly what they are doing. That’s just unethical, and the exact reason many affiliate marketers get a bad rap. 

Here are a couple of tips to help identify the platform:

  1. Blog – more than likely, it’s a WordPress website. If it’s not, I would suggest setting up a WordPress website anyways. It’s the best platform for blogging.
  2. Website – use a tool like BuiltWith to find out what technology they are using, whether it’s WordPress, ClickFunnels, LeadPages, etc., etc.
Find out what technology competitors are using for their affiliate marketing online success.
builtwith tool

Focus mainly on the technology and platforms they are using in the shortcut. Do not concern yourself with what they are offering or what their blogging about. Distractions are the #1 killer and will only cause you to fail. 

Reverse Engineer Backlinks

One of my favorite tricks and this one is actually pretty simple with some of the newer software tools we have at our disposal. 

If you are not familiar with backlinks, they are basically ‘votes’ for search engines, saying your website has authority. I won’t get into too many details here, but for more information on backlinks, you can check out Neil Patel’s article here.

So, let’s find out what websites are linking back to your competitors with Ubersuggest. All you need is the URL of your competitor’s site, and off you go. 

In this example, I’m going to use Neil Patel’s blog (because it’s AHHH-Mazing). 

Ubersuggest tool screenshot to find backlinks.
Neil Patel’s – backlinks example
Ubersuggest tool screenshot to what backlinks your competitors are using for their affiliate marketing online.
backlinks for blog article

There are several different methods to obtain these backlinks, but we’ll save that for another article. Just know this shortcut is a key to your website, mainly for blogging. 

Identify High Performing Content

Another shortcut that reaps massive rewards is identifying content that generates traffic, social shares, and backlinks.  

Many affiliate marketers think they need to create new content. That is a false belief. 

Let’s look at how to identify high performing content from your competitors and how you can blow ‘em out of the water. 

We’ll be using Ubersuggest once again. This time, we’ll dive into the top pages, as seen on the left. 

Top Pages list from the online tool, Ubersuggest, by Neil Patel.
Top pages example

As you can see, Neil gets massive traffic to his site.

Why is that? 

Well, he’s been doing it for years, but the main reason is that his content is super valuable. I’m talking blog posts over 5,000 words. He has written content that is superior to his competitors. 

That is the goal here. Identify what high performing content your competitors are writing and take that content to the next level. Come up with better content. Write more in-depth articles. Model what Neil is doing on his blog.

Instead of “5 Awesome Advertising Tools to Save You Time and Money”, write an article that has 15 or 20 different advertising tools.

See what I mean here? Go above and beyond the content that is already generating traffic. 

Social Media “Stalking”

If you haven’t already, create social media profiles for all the major platforms available and start following what your successful competitors are doing. 

How can you find out if they are successful? 

Look at their following. Look at the engagement in their videos or posts. How many channel subscribers do they have on YouTube? 

All of those are visual cues that they are having success on that platform. 

If you see all your competitors are on YouTube or LinkedIn, there’s a reason for that. It’s working. 

Granted, some people are more comfortable creating videos, or writing content, but you need to identify what social media platforms are working for your audience and model that. 

Do not attempt to travel in unchartered waters.

Focus on what works for other affiliate marketing online success. 

Model Funnel Design & Layout

In the affiliate marketing world, we call this “funnel hacking.” 

Again, we’re going to be modeling (not copying) what our competitor’s website looks like. It could be a blog, a long-form sales letter, or a short optin page that just seems to be working for them. 

Pay attention to the designs, layout, colors, and what different elements they use. Right down to the granular level of brightness and font of a button. 

If they have an affiliate offer of their own, click through and see exactly what their next page in the funnel looks like. Are they offering an upsell? Do they have a thank you page that directs them over to their Facebook Group? 

What are they doing that you could also be doing? ‘

In doing this shortcut, you’ll have a head start and a more likelihood of setting yourself up for success down the road. 

Affiliate Marketing Online Wrapup

Keep these 5 shortcuts in mind if you want to gain some traction in your affiliate marketing journey. 

It’s not easy, but modeling what others have already paved for us will increase your chances of success. 

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