Look, stop spamming links everywhere possible is one of the biggest affiliate marketing mistakes. Nobody wants to see your useless post, linking to an offer you have no interest in.

You are not going to make $250,000 by the end of the month so that you can buy that Lambo. 

You’re fooling yourself and honestly, coming off as an ass. Don’t be an ass.

Unpopular way to become an ass in the affiliate marketing world.

Just do a hashtag search on social media for #affiliatemarketing, and I’m sure you will find that 95% of the links are from wantrepreneurs. <- that should be a trending hashtag

“Hey Matt, join this new social media platform. It’s going to be the next Facebook. Not many people are on it, so the timing is perfect.”

Me: “Alright, I’ll take a look tonight and see what I think.”

That night, I started my group, targeting individuals who want to start an online business making money online with affiliate marketing. The growth was slow, my interest level had peaked (after three days), and I was already annoyed. 

Members of my group, blasting links all over, thinking that somehow, maybe a few people will click on it, and they’ll earn a commission. Luckily, I had set members’ posts to approval before they appeared. These affiliate marketing mistakes are everywhere.

Here are some <sarcasm>fantastic examples</sarcasm> of what people think they can get away with: 

Listen, this is precisely the lesson I am trying to teach you. It will make you the most unpopular person on the internet.

Your lack of effort is directly be related to your earnings.

Oh, I should mention that affiliate marketing is a real business, so treat it as such. Here’s some earth-shattering news, it’s not easy.

Here are four affiliate marketing mistakes I see day in and day out.

Say n’ Spray Link Sharing

Grabbing your affiliate link and blasting it all over Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, will NOT attract anybody, let alone who you’re trying to target. 

If anything, your followers will click on that “Report as Spam” button, and you’ll have a hard time getting your account back.

Is that what you want? 

At least create a shortened URL to make it look somewhat appealing, you wantrepreneur. 🤪

Ad Hijacking

You know, those Facebook and Instagram ads you see, from the gurus making tons of money online. It’s like free advertising for the affiliate marketers that want to drive traffic to their offer on the advertiser’s dime. 

CONFESSION: Ok, so I’ve commented before on ads that relate to my niche. However, I’m in this business to provide value and to help people. By merely commenting on the ad and providing some context to it, you will become more trustworthy. 

So please, refrain from dropping your affiliate link inside ads where you know your target audience hangs out. There are more ethical ways of doing it. 

Next up, is one of my biggest pets peeves and an affiliate marketing mistake many newbies are guilty for.

“Going for the Kill” Direct Messaging

Proposal with a guy down on one knee. The wrong way to do affiliate marketing.
Proposing after the first date?

Would you drop down on one knee, or accept a proposal, after the first date? I’ll go out on a limb here and answer what you are thinking in your head. 


So how is that any different than sending an offer, or affiliate link, to a messaging inbox on Facebook or Instagram, right after accepting the connection? 

I see it almost every day on Instagram. People set up automated messages that spam connections in a matter of seconds of connecting. 

It only takes a matter of seconds for me to swipe and select that delete icon.

“Date” me for a while before blasting me with your offers. It’s very distasteful.  

Email Offer Overload

So you signed up to receive my free PDF on how to start a blog. Great, now some “marketer” has my email address, and will more than likely be sending a gazillion offers. 

Email offer overload as an affiliate marketer.
email received from one person

They often have the 80/20 rule reversed. Eighty percent of emails sent to you include an affiliate link inside, with no real value. 

The other 20 percent…

Well, in all honesty, they probably have nothing of real value to provide besides what their affiliate programs offer. 

Oh, and the free PDF you downloaded? 

That was just a PLR (private label rights) article that a million other people can duplicate and share. 

Quite often, your email subscribers will unsubscribe after the first couple of emails. 

Provide eighty percent value in your emails if you want to create a long term relationship with your subscribers. 

I’ll be frank with you because I’m an honest affiliate marketer. I have participated in some of the unethical methods above to get people to sign up under my affiliate links. We all start somewhere, though. The inexperienced marketers sometimes have to learn the hard ways and make affiliate marketing mistakes on their own and go through some growing pains before realizing the seriousness of the business. 

Since then, I have learned to provide value, teach affiliate marketers what is right, and help them to start or grow their online business through affiliate marketing. 

And you wonder why people hate affiliate marketers. 

Don’t be that person. 

To your success,


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